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SMILE DENTAL & ORTHODONTIC CLINIC - We decorate your smile you wear it every day     SMILE DENTAL & ORTHODONTIC CLINIC - We decorate your smile you wear it every day     SMILE DENTAL & ORTHODONTIC CLINIC - We decorate your smile you wear it every day     SMILE DENTAL & ORTHODONTIC CLINIC - We decorate your smile you wear it every day
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1. Every friend and acquaintance here in Canada, upon learning that I was planning major dental work in India, thought that I was nuts. I must admit that I was a little nervous, having connected with Dr. singla only through the Web, prompted by the minimal recommendations (such as this one) that I had managed to Google. My very first
impressions of him, through email, were excellent—he was exactly what I was looking for: direct, blunt, honest, detailed, rigorous, even a little frightening at times, given his tendency to emphasize time and again the inherent risks of squeezing major cosmetic work inside a 10-day window—the maximum length of time I could spend in India. In other words, he never painted a rosy picture, always giving the straight goods. And the moment I set
foot in his clinic, I knew I had struck gold in terms of world-class professionalism. If anyone could improve my smile, it was him. And boy did he (and his lovely wife, a doctor as well) deliver and inside 4 days! To say that I am now (a month later) satisfied would be a major understatement. His work has exceeded my expectations.
I would recommend him to my dearest loved ones.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Amine T (Visited in 2009)

2. I consulted Dr.Rajat for RCT treatment and tooth filling in Sep 2008. I am so happy and satisfied with his work and experience. He has got all the latest euipments which ensure quality tretment. I strongly recomment Dr. Rajat singla .Being conscious of my oral hygiene and having intensely felt the relation between my personal aesthetics and the dental health, I also felt the need to have a Competent dentist with state-of-the –art infra-structure available for periodic checkups ever since I landed in Delhi for my service and professional compulsions.

Mr. avinash thakur
NW (U.S.A)

3. Dr.Rajat singla did on me RCT, Crowning and scaling. Even my spouse was treated for different correctives. We found him responsive, deft-handed, sharp and even innovative. We've consulted dentists before but his is a blend of art, aesthetics and dentistry.

We wish him good luck & long life.

Mr. anoop bindal
manager (birla soft )noida

4. I am Richa working with the Hindustan Newspaper. I had major problems like bleeding gums , tooth decay and uneven tooth, due to which I felt I will never be able to have a beaugiful smile. But this proved wrong once I visited Dr.Rajat Dental Clinic at Lajpat Nagar. My tooth have been saved through painless root canal treatment, and my uneven teeth have been aligned through modern techniques available here. Thanks to Dr. Kapoor, I can now look forward to a bright future with lot of confidence.

Miss. Richa
Hindustan Newspaper
New Delhi
5. My name is Pooja Vedi. I am a software engineer. I have had very badly aligned teeth since childhood. Around 3 years ago, I came to Dr. A. Kapoor for teeth alignment. Within 1 year, I had such nicely aligned teeth that all the people around me were to impressed and amazed with the wonder that Dr. Kapoor did to me.

Pooja Vedi
New Jersey

6. Dear Dr.Rajat singla,It gives me immense pleasure to contribute in my own small way to the making of your proposed website that, I have reason to believe, will be very informative and pretty useful to prospective users. Over the last couple of years my 17 year old son, Aneeket and 12 year old daughter, Vertikka have both been under your care for their rather delicate dental complaints. And I must say, your state-of-the art techniques together with your ever caring attitude has seen to it that they are through with the least inconvenience. And what I have admired the most is your spiritual leanings that have helped you to 'see God' in your patients on the one hand and be least money minded on the other : qualities that don't come easily to dentists in our conditions.
Wishing you grand success in your new ventures.


7. “I am happy with the outcome of the dental work you did for me. I appreciate all the information you gave me through the procedure.

Mr subhash sharma

8. In the spring of this year I started looking for a dentist to carry out a good amount of dental treatment that I needed. I came across Drsingla's website, and initiated contact with him. From the very first email that I received from him, I knew that I wanted to have Dr. singla do the work that I needed. Arranging dental treatment from half way around the world can be a daunting task, but he gave me every confidence in him from the get go. During my two days in Delhi that I saw Dr. singla, not only did I get the dental treatment that I needed, but I also gained
a lot of knowledge about dentistry, and also very good advice about what I needed to do to keep my teeth in good condition. Two months later, and I am very happy with the treatment I received, and if I need to get more work done in the future, I will be contacting Dr. singla again.

9. His work is superb. he is a young master of his field. his work is out of this world. u will rarely find professionals like him in the present day scenario.